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Doris S.

Ms. Doris is a fairly new resident at the Harbor. Like many of our residents, she found that living in a city different than her loved ones posed some issues. Driving at an older age and taking a few falls in her backyard prompted her family to move her closer to them. In June of last year, her daughter brought her to the Harbor to look around. Her initial reaction was that it was very neat and clean. She looked forward to being in an environment where she felt safe. Her biggest surprise was how wonderful the food was. She said it tasted as if she cooked it in her own kitchen. As far as her family is concerned, they are elated that she is close by and able to do what she likes. Ms. Doris is a pleasure to have in the building. Her attitude and smile is contagious!


Barbara M.

Mrs. Barbara has been a resident since the opening of the Harbor at Harmony Crossing in December of 2014. She came to the Harbor from White Plains where her family owned and operated their own dairy farm. Mrs. Barbara and her family considered the idea of Assisted Living after a downturn in her health. After complications from a knee replacement surgery, she was receiving around the clock care. In addition, with a significant decrease in her weight, it was time to look into alternative solutions. Mrs. Barbara’s family initiated the idea of the Harbor to receive better care and to ease her mind of her day to day responsibilities as a housewife. Even though she is a self-proclaimed homebody she said that God was with her and guiding her the entire time. When Mrs. Barbara arrived at the Harbor at Harmony Crossing, she and her family felt at peace knowing that she was in good hands. Mrs. Barbara says, “I loved everyone I came in contact with when I arrived at the Harbor. Everyone was so inviting and it was just like a big family. I wanted to make the best of everything, not just for me but for the people that cared about me. The Harbor was able to give me everything I needed and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.” Almost 2 years later, Mrs. Barbara still loves being a part of the Harbor family. She states, “I would choose the Harbor, above anything else.” She is such a pleasure to be around and brings such joy to the Harbor and everywhere she goes. She enjoys all the activities the Harbor has to offer, visiting with friends and family, greeting new residents and helping them adjust to luxury senior living as she did.